Mikey Hanlon vs. Damien Rush

Total Running Time: 27:52

File Size: 1.52GB

Mikey Hanlon                  5’9”            175 lbs.             26yo
Damien Rush                  5’11”          205 lbs.             22yo

 Damien (orange speedos) asked for his first match at Movimus to be against Mikey Hanlon (red speedos).  Mikey was more than ready.   They talked a lot of trash, and their wrestling lived up to the trash talking.  Mikey used all his favorite moves and holds, especially wrapping his legs around Damien and maintaining control.  Damien is just so strong that he pretty much powered out of everything.  Mikey tried everything he knew and he kept Damien working hard to escape and reverse.  Damien’s head lock is real powerful and Mikey used a lot of energy to get out of that.  They wrestled evenly for a long time with some really great moves.   Mikey got behind Damien and locked in a figure-four around his waist.  He worked on Damian’s head until Damien was all locked up on the mat.  


"Throw 380 pounds of arrogant alpha-male muscle on the mat and the magic happens all by itself!"

Ringside at Skull Island


Mikey tried a triangle but Damien just powered out.  Mikey rolled over with a triangle on Damien holding Damien’s face in the mat.  But Damien’s powerful legs just allowed him to push out of the triangle.  Finally, a winner – Mikey!  Then Damien was totally determined to get even.  Lots of much more intense wrestling in the second match.  Damien thought he had control and the win was his, but skillful Mikey escapes – over and over again.  Damien’s head scissors is real tight and his huge legs have Mikey’s head fully engulfed.   Mikey managed to escape – remarkably – just to get caught in Damien’s head lock.   Damien’s muscles are tense and very strained, but he had Mikey in a lot of trouble.  

Twenty-five minutes of continuous action ended in a draw.  One for Mikey – one for Damien.  These wrestlers are both vowing for a decisive rematch.   Both are ready and waiting to get back on the mat with each other.

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