Lance Jeffers vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 26:49
File Size: SD 323MB/ HD 1.5GB

Lance Jeffers                           5’8”       156       32yo
Brandon Aldrich                        6’          165       21yo

Lance (purple speedos) had just returned from “THE CLASH” in Atlanta. He is probably in the best wrestling shape he’s ever been in. Brandon (blue speedos) is a Movimus trainee who is just beginning to get the right attitude. Brandon is young, tough, and has a sharp tongue. Lance is calm, cool, very experienced, and ready to lay a beating on this young punk

Brandon starts with an incredible head lock throw that caught Lance completely off guard, and Lance had a real hard time working out of Brandon’s hold on him. Brandon then sits right on Lance’s face and for a few moments, has his way with the experienced wrestler. Brandon then throws in an awesome head scissors that has Lance wheezing. But Lance’s skill and experience proves to be no match for the wiry Brandon. A great figure-four head scissors slows the young guy down and a reverse double arm bar and leg full nelson (totally awesome hold) finishes off Brandon.

These guys wrestle two more matches and it is not at all one-sided. Lots of body punching in this one – Lance definitely gets the worst of that, wicked shots to the stomach and ribs. Lance’s abs had to hurt for days after the beating Brandon gave them.

Both these guys want a rematch, and that one we want to see at Movimus. When Lance gets back to New York City, you can bet Brandon will be waiting and ready.

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