Zachery Loftus vs. Kurtis Rivers

Total Running Time: 19:53
File Size: HD 1.52GB/ 4K 2.27GB

Zachery Loftus                     5’9”                    152 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                         5’7”                   134 lbs.

Kurtis (white speedos) challenges Zach (red speedos).   Kurtis is used to doing ju-jitsu against much bigger guys so it is no concern to him that Zach outweighs him by 18 pounds.   But Zach is a very skilled wrestler.   What promised to be a real competitive match turned out to be just that and a whole lot more. 

Zach uses his weight advantage and wrestling skill to get control early on in the match and bring Kurtis to the mat.  As Kurtis struggles to escape, Zach catches him in a cradle and locks him up really tightly.  But Kurtis is a real brawler and escapes again trying to reverse.   It’s back and forth action with Zach seemingly maintaining control.   Zach locks in a fierce ankle lock that has Kurtis really struggling not to tap out.  You can see how tight the ankle lock is and how close Kurtis is to submitting.   But he wrestles out, reverses and starts to give Zach some punishment.   Kurtis is incredibly strong and knows how to finish a match. 

"The combination, as in this match, is the ideal - providing both chills and thrills in twenty minutes and four abrupt and startling submissions."

Ringside at Skull Island 

The super struggle continues even after the first, second and third falls.   After the third fall they both get right up and go at each other again.   Totally competitive, both these wrestlers want to continue – both want to win.  With such a high skill level, these guys put on a great match and a super show.   Zach is very muscular, cut and ripped – strong and agile.   Kurtis may be a lightweight, but he sure is an awesome brawler and just won’t tap out -  the makings for a super match and that is exactly what this is.


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