Evan Turner vs. Zachery Loftus: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 19:57
File Size: HD 1.53GB/ 4K 7.52GB

Zachery Loftus                           5’9”                153 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                               5’7”                 129 lbs.

Zachery (light blue speedos) has been asking for this rematch since his decisive defeat to Evan (dark blue speedos) in the first match.   “There is no way that guy should have beat me” Zack told us after the first match.   “I want to get even” he said.  So here is his shot and he is totally ready.   Both these guys are lean, ripped, and very strong.   They lock up right away and both work hard for the take-down and control.  It’s give and take, back and forth, until Zack clamps on an ankle lock that has Evan in pain, struggling to escape.   Zack holds onto the hold and Evan is using loads of energy to avoid tapping-out!   Zack holds onto the ankle lock for a long time until he feels Evan beginning to escape so Zack switches –fast – to a head lock that has Evan on his back on the mat and Zack pouring on all kinds of pressure.   Zack is definitely living up to what he said he was going to do.

Evan rolls giving Zack the opportunity for a full body scissors and front face lock.   Evan is all locked up.  Check out the super muscular legs on Zack as he tortures Evan.   No choice – Evan has to tap out !

Complete action for the rest of this match.   Four more tap-outs – back and forth.   Great wrestling.   These muscular light-weights are really into a super submission match.   Zack uses all his skill.  Evan uses all his muscle – and the match is super.   Great moves.   Tight, ending holds.   These guys attach each other over and over again looking for the one mistake, the one perfect hold that is going to get a submission.  

It’s not over.   Both Zack and Evan are asking for another match.  Maybe we’ll give them a World Series Match (4-out-of-7) and let them settle this feud !

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