Evan Turner vs. Zachery Loftus

Total Running Time: 23:24
File Size: HD 1.79GB / 4K 8.85GB

Zachery Loftus                           5’9”                151 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                               5’7”                 134 lbs.

Evan (gray speedos) was impressed with the wrestling background and skill of Zach (red speedos) – so the challenge was issued.   Zach leaped at the chance to wrestle Evan.   Evenly matched, both strong, intense, focused wrestlers --- we expected a great match, and we were not disappointed.  Zach gets the first takedown and has Evan on his back, but not for long.  As Zach tries to escape from the guard position, Evan turns him over and keeps Zach on his back – struggling.   Zach is a collegiate wrestler, so being on his back is not at all a comfortable position. 

Eventually Evan tries for a triangle.  Zach is caught in Evan’s awesome strong legs, but he struggles to escape and does.  Evan comes back stronger and harder.    It’s back and forth, both wrestlers using awesome skill and power.   Zach catches Evan in a nasty ankle lock that has Evan moaning, squirming and in a lot of trouble.   Evan hangs in there until he is able to escape --- but the damage is done.   Evan is now wrestling with a very sore ankle and doing his best not to let Zach get hold of that same ankle again.   Evan figures he has got to get Zach to tap-out so he can get a short rest for his ankle.   He works really hard toward that goal.

Zach has really powerful arms and legs.  Just look at how muscular he is.  Evan is very scrappy and intense, but does not have the power that Zach does.   Evan, as determined as ever, totally plans on winning this match.  He hates to lose even just one fall.   He has sure proved in other matches that he is a formidable opponent.   There is some great wrestling in this match – most definitely a decisive winner and a dejected loser.  We are all looking forward to the rematch.

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