Luke Basset vs Zachery Loftus

Total Running Time: 20:02
File Size: HD 1.53GB/ 4K 2.28GB

Luke Basset                               5’7”                  138 lbs.                      
Zachary Loftus                           5’8”                  151 lbs. 

Luke (white speedos) challenges Zach (dark speedos).   Zach is a very skilled wrestler and Luke plans on learning a lot from this match.  What started out as a “learning experience” turned quickly into a real brawl.  Luke suddenly realized that he was in a super competitive match and that he really had to wrestle his butt off to keep up with Zach   Zach turns on the pressure and Luke responds by doing his very best to beat Zach into submission.  Zach uses an awesome ankle lock and Luke struggles wickedly to escape.   Luke tries to use his really long and strong legs, but Zach doesn’t give him that opportunity.  Luke finally gets behind Zach, body scissors him and gets him in a reverse choke.  Zach struggles, but there is no way out.  Zach taps.

"The give and take gets heavier and more intense..."

Ringside at Skull Island

The second fall is much more intense and aggressive.  Both wrestlers and doing everything each can do to get the other to tap out.   Lots of fantastic moves and holds.   Luke is remarkably strong and agile.   Zach’s skill and muscle is put to a full test as Luke really works over Zach.   But don’t sell Zach short – he is awesome.   He definitely know how to make his opponent tap out – and he has loads of wrestling skill.   This is great, from beginning to end.   It’s back and forth with some really great moves and holds.   Both Luke and Zach take a beating , but keep right on going – both looking for the ultimate win.   This is definitely skill vs. power and agility.

Luke is definitely looking for a rematch- Zack not so much, but Zack will definitely give Luke another match – maybe reluctantly, but Zack never says “no” to a challenge.   These guys are going to wind up having a World Series Match !

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