Shawn Duncan vs. Zachery Loftus

Total Running Time: 24:17
File Size: HD 1.87GB/ 4K 7.75GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 141 lbs.                      
Zachery Loftus                         5’8”                 152 lbs.

Former high school wrestler and state qualifier, Zachery Loftus (Black Speedos), challenges super-muscle man, Shawn Duncan (blue speedos).    This match is all muscle.   Both guys are skilled and tough mat wrestlers, but who is stronger.   They are both well defined, distinctly muscular.   Shawn takes Zach to his back but is immediately reversed.   IT’s back and both, give and take, until Shawn clamps on his totally vicious front head lock and puts those huge biceps to work.   Zach is forced to tap. 

"Movimus's latest, with a running time of 24 minutes, gives me the high-caffeine jolt I need."

Ringside at Skull Island

They go right back at each other, this time Zach is not about to let Shawn catch him off-guard again.   Lots of punishment, lots of exchange of some great holds.   Check out how both these wrestlers seem to get stronger and stronger as the match continues.   Zach gets some real tight moves on Shawn and you can easily see how much Shawn has to strain his powerful body to escape.  Shawn keeps trying for a body scissors, but Zach defends valiantly.   Finally Zach catches Shawn in a super tight body scissors and pulls hard on Shawn’s head and neck.   Shawn is forced to tap-out.

They continue and it gets tougher and more intense.   Shawn is not about to lose this match.   Zach, the more skilled and experienced wrestler, is not going to let Shawn get control and overpower him.   It’s a real brawl and a totally super match.   Lots of intense wrestling action and a definitely, but not final, outcome.  The rematch is already planned.

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