Shawn Duncan vs. Evan Turner: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 49:24
File Size: HD 3.8GB/ 4K 5.59GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 148 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                             5’7”                 133 lbs.

Both Shawn (pink speedos) and Evan (red speedos) have been asking for a World Series Match – HERE IT IS!     These guys have been an awesome match for each other in all three of their other matches.    The win – loss score is very even and both Evan and Shawn are definitely out to prove who is the better wrestler in this World Series Match.   No introductions, no checking each other out – these guys go right at each other.   Shawn’s very muscular body is put to the test as Evan uses all his power and muscle to get control and bring Shawn to submission – as he did 3 times in their third match.   But Shawn is much more ready this time than he has been before.   Shawn is very ready to get Evan  - and get him good ! 

So Shawn get control and keeps Evan on the defensive and Shawn does everything he can to get Evan to tap out.   Shawn’s defined, muscular body is at its peak as he works to beat Evan.   Just awesome as you can see both wrestlers get more and more pumped as they attack each other.  Shawn knows for sure that he is going to win this match – and Evan is not about to let that happen.    The first fall lasts for 22 minutes of grueling wrestling.  You can hear both wrestlers complain how much their forearms are sore as this is on-the-mat wrestling until one of them finally taps out.  

Then it’s right back at it until there is a winner – one guy must win 4 falls in order for this to be over.   Back and forth, give and take – both wrestlers endure a lot of punishment, but neither wrestler is willing to tap out.  Well over one hour of grueling wrestling before there is a winner – but there is definitely a winner.   Great holds, super moves and totally awesome wrestling.   This is a really great match –almost fifty minutes of some of the best wrestling you’ll find anywhere - as real and as tough as it gets.   A winner and a loser  -- and both wrestlers want to go at each other again.   Who Knows !    Maybe another World Series Match ! ! !

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