Evan Turner vs. Shawn Duncan: Match 3

Total Running Time: 30:02
File Size: HD 2.3GB/ 4K 9.57GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 142 lbs.
Evan Turner                             5’7”                 131 lbs.

This is the third match between these two awesome wrestlers.   The score from the first two matches is 3 – 3 !   Incredible !   Evan (blue speedo) was very much afraid to wrestle Shawn (yellow thong) the first time they met.   Now Evan is consistently asking Shawn for more wrestling time.  They are actually friends – NOW – but you’d never know it when you see them go at each other on the mat.   Shawn is obviously very, very strong.   Weight Lifter, Bodybuilder, competition class, and even has done a few cage matches.   Excellent shape – incredibly strong and sure knows how to use all the power that he has.  Evan is most deceiving to look at.  He is so much stronger than he looks.   He’s also an outstanding wrestler – natural ability – he rarely loses a match.   They have both been talking about this match all week.

"From first appearances, it's difficult to accept that Evan can hold his own against Shawn, but hold his own he does - with a quiet ferocity and never-say-die spirit that almost always give him the edge."

Ringside at Skull Island

Some of the best wrestling you’ll find anywhere.   Certainly, two of the toughest consummate fighters.   Throughout the match, Shawn tries to manhandle and overpower Evan --- but Evan will have none of that.  You can see the strained, buffed muscle on both wrestlers.   Shawn puts a bear hug on Evan – Shawn is on his back --  Evan bellows from the pressure.   Evan applies an excellent ankle lock and Shawn is struggling, really struggling. to escape.   Shawn uses a couple excellent full body scissors.  Evan is really being squeezed – but he won’t tap out.   Incredible ! ! !

A very long match, almost 30 minutes, these guys just will not stop.   But most importantly, you must check out the score at the end of this match.   That is really unbelievable.    Now it’s a World Series Match --- 4-out-of-7.   The first wrestler to win 4 times is the winner.   Both Shawn and Evan are preparing for the WSM.   Look for it.   IT’s going to be a barn burner!


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