Salvatore Landow vs. Aric Park

Total Running Time: 27:08
File Size: HD 1.51GB /4K 7.39GB

Aric Park           5'7" 166LBS
Salvatore Landow         5'3" 138LBS 

Salvatore (orange speedos) is one very tough, skilled wrestler – especially for a smaller guy.   Aric (black speedos) watched a couple of Salvatore’s matches and immediately challenged him. Salvatore will accept any challenge and wrestle any one. 

They met at the Movimus studio ready to wrestle. Salvatore uses his skill to get Aric onto the mat and you can see. Salvatore flex his very muscular body to maintain control and keep Aric on his back.  They struggle back and forth for a long time exchanging control – each wrestler trying to dominate the other.   Lots of really good wrestling, exchanges – lots of give-and-take!   Check out how these two muscular bodies are pushed to their limits, flexed, and become more and more ripped as the match progresses.

Eventually Aric catches Salvatore in a leg split.

Salvatore escapes the split, but finds himself in a very powerful headlock with all of Aric’s weight on top of him.   Shortness of breath and a very tight headlock make

Salvatore tap-out.  The second fall is more intense and much more aggressive. Salvatore is out to even the score and win the match.  He tries to use his super strong thighs, but Aric is watching out for Dante’s legs.   Aric continues to use his power to escape and overturn Salvatore.   This is some really great wrestling.  

Salvatore tries everything.  He is very strong and knows how to get an opponent to tap.  Aric may be less experienced but he is really strong and you can see how he “man-handles” Salvatore.   They are wrestling and fighting as tough as each wrestler can.   No one wants to lose this match.        

The score is 3 – 1.    Did Salvatore come back and defeat Aric three times after losing the first fall?   Check it out.   This is one really great wrestling match.    You can bet that you will see these two guys go at each other again.


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