Dave Markus vs. Salavatore Landow: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 23:09
File Size: HD 1.28GB/ 4K 6.3GB

Salvadore Landow 5’3” 143 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 175 lbs.

Salvador (orange speedos) has been asking for a rematch against Dave (green speedos) for over a year. Sal lost some weight, toned up, definitely got strong and quicker. Dave is just a massive, ripped, 21 year old body builder. Giving away more than 30 pounds doesn’t bother Sal at all. He knows that if he can get Dave in just the right move, pour on the pressure and keep it locked on, Dave will ultimately tap out. But getting that right hold on Dave Markus is no easy task.

Dave immediately goes to work on the much shorter Sal. He wraps his massive legs around Sal’s waist early in the match, letting Sal know that he is in for a very tough brawl. Sal squirms and struggles to escape but, in doing so, allows Dave to move from a body scissors to a full head scissors and chin lock. Sal does all he can to escape but it is no use. Dave’s huge, ripped legs are doing their job. Sal taps.

Sal comes back at Dave fast and hard. But Dave is ready. It becomes more and more obvious that Sal is just not a match for the power and strength of Dave Markus. Sal tries everything: speed, agility, strength, great moves and holds. Dave counters everything with his super strong body. Dave manages to keep Sal on the mat struggles to reverse and escape. Sal is valiant and determined, but simply not strong enough to handle Dave Markus. This is definitely Dave’s match. He continues to control and dominate the smaller wrestler. Sal won’t quit, won’t stop, won’t give up – but it is useless. Dave is just too strong and powerful.

This match gives you an incite into just how strong and powerful Dave Markus really is. He is pumped and ripped and just gets bigger and stronger as the match goes on.

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