Dave Markus vs. Salvatore Landow

Total Running Time: 25:01
File Size: 1.32GB

     Salvatore Landow                5’3”                153 lbs.               20yo
     Dave Markus                        5’9”                172 lbs.               19yo

Salvador (silver speedos) challenged his friend and co-worker, Dave (purple speedos) to a “real” match.   Sal wrestled in HS and is in totally excellent shape.   He gives away height and weight to Dave, but that doesn’t bother him at all.   Dave is his usual confident self and is sure he can handle Sal.  But the little guy is a “tough cookie” and immediately begins to use his power and muscle to keep Dave on the mat.   Lots of really great exchanges between these two muscle boys.  Straining and stretched muscles, struggling and working hard not to get caught in a finishing hold, is the name of this match.   Sal has some really great moves.  Dave knows that no one can escape his scissors.   They both know each others strengths.  They are both looking for each others weaknesses.

"It's great to see two fighters this in-touch with their strengths employ them with such apparent ease and grace.

   Ringside at Skull Island 

Sal is very fast and knows exactly what moves and holds he is going for – and gets them.   Dave is just so strong that he successfully escapes and reverses, just to get tied up all over again.  It’s back and forth for most of the match, with a most definite winner.   They put each others great, muscular bodies to the test for the entire match.   It’s incredible how, the longer they wrestle, the bigger and stronger they seem to get.   Those that really like to see muscle-wrestling, straining and challenging muscle all the way – this is your match.   Look for both Sal and Dave in many more matches !   Look for them to wrestle each other again also – nothing is settled here!

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