Casey Callaghan vs. Salvatore Landow

Total Running Time: 24:21
File Size: HD 1.57GB / 4K 1.85GB

Casey Callaghan              5’7”              150 lbs.
Salvatore Landow            5’3”               142 lbs.

Sal (yellow speedos) watched both matches that Casey (blue speedos) wrestled against Aron Stokes.  “I can beat this guy” Sal told us, so the challenge was on.  Sal is very quick and strong and a skilled submission wrestler.   Casey just loves the sport and his those incredibly powerful legs that he uses so very well.    Early in the match, Sal lifts Casey and slams him to the mat only to be caught in Casey’s head scissors.   A great site, but not a good position for Sal.  He found out early on how very lethal Casey’s legs can be.  He manages to escape Casey’s head scissors the first time, but he learned a lesson. 

Sal takes Casey to the mat a second time, gets the upper position and works it into a tight head lock.  Casey struggles on the mat to escape and eventually does.   Right away we can see how very evenly matched these two wrestlers are.  Who is going to come out on top?   Which one of these guys has the skill and stamina to defeat the other?   This is some really awesome submission wrestling.  Lots of pick-ups and slams.   Continuous on the mat wrestling with escapes and reversals.  Super moves and locks, both guys giving and receiving.   These guys wrestle to win and you can see how very intense this match is.  They use all their skill and power to get a win.   

Submission wrestling at it’s very best.    After the match, Sal and Casey decided they wanted to team up together against some of the bigger Movimus boys.    Could be a real good challenge !

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