Salvatore Landow vs. Ivan Karamazoff

Total Running Time: 21:32
File Size: HD 1.65GB/ 4K 5.89GB

Salvatore Landow                               5’3”     141 lbs.          
Ivan Karamazoff                                 6’         166 lbs.

Sal (yellow speedos) challenges Ivan (blue/print speedos).    Sal gives up 25 pounds, but he is a trained, confident and skilled wrestler.   Ivan enters with confidence and an heir of cockiness.  Ivan gets the  first take-down and uses his height to control Sal.   Sal is very, very quick on the mat, as you would expect, and he escapes – always working for the reversal and control.   Ivan is cautious and strong enough to keep Sal from getting a really good hold locked on him.    Ivan tries to control with a front face lock.  Sal is using is speed and skill to keep Ivan working hard. 

Ivan gets his long, sinewy legs wrapped around Sal’s body and Ivan really applies a lot of pressure.   Check out Sal’s abs as they tighten under the pressure of Ivan’s big squeeze.   Sal is not about to get beat in a body scissors, but Ivan’s legs are incredibly strong and long.   Sal is having a real tough time escaping this awesome hold.   As Ivan tries to apply a front face lock while keeping Sal in the body scissors, Sal manages to escape the scissors and forces Ivan to use his weight and clamp on a head lock.   When Sal turns to escape he finds himself in Ivan’s choke and it’s all over.   

Now Sal is more determined than ever to “wrestle tough”.    He is totally confident that he can beat Ivan.  He knows he has the skill, strength and focus to win this match.    But can he do it.  Ivan brought all that wrestling skill with him from Russia.  Now he is using it on the Movimus wrestlers.    It seems that Ivan is quickly becoming the “guy to beat”.    His skill, power, especially his long, lanky, muscular legs, have many of the Movimus wrestlers looking to challenge him.  

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