Ray Mousi vs. Dave Markus: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 34:03
File Size: HD 1.89GB/ 4K 6.21GB

Ray Mousi 5’8” 188 lbs
Dave Markus 5’9” 179 lbs.

THE REMATCH!   Dave (black speedos) bulked up for this match.   Ray (red speedos) is very, very strong and has been working on perfecting his wrestling skills.   For a big guy, Ray is fast and powerful.   When he locks his grip on you, especially on your head, it is very difficult to break free or escape.  Ray wants to win matches.   He thinks, and knows, then he is one of the strongest guys at Movimus Wrestling.   His goal is to defeat all opponents.

"...makes me wish I were in fighting shape and ready to jump in on this action."

Ringside at Skull Island

Dave is very agile, fast, extremely strong and hates to lose – even just one fall.   He’s a real brawler – loves it when the match goes to the mat and stays there for a long time. Dave gets stronger and stronger – the longer the match.   So far, no one has been able to escape Dave’s massive head scissors.  His thighs are like tree trunks.  If he clamps his thighs around your head there is practically no way to escape.  

Dave goes to his back and all 188 pounds of Ray is on Dave’s chest.   Dave gets the guard position, but Ray is just too strong.  They go back and forth, exchanging holds and muscling out of each other’s locks.  Dave is much faster, but Ray sure knows how to use his super power to slow Dave down.   Finally Dave clamps a head scissors and chin lock on Ray – it’s all over.   Again, Dave wins with a massive head scissors.

Now Ray is more focused and determined to beat Dave.  You can see Dave struggle to escape Ray’s head lock.   Dave face is contorted under the pressure of those powerful arms and biceps.   Dave is doing everything he can to escape and avoid being tapped-out.  Ray is focused and psyched to beat Dave.   This turned into a real brawl – nothing is being held back.   They are wrestling to win.   Two extremely well-defined, ripped and cut, muscular wrestlers going at each other full force is what wrestling is all about.  Who is going to win this match?  Who can take the pressure, reverse the holds, get a great move and tight squeeze on the other guy, enough to make him tap-out and submit?   This is a “got-to-see match”   This is what Movimus Wresting is all about.

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Ray Mousi

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