Ray Mousi vs. Tito Marones

Total Running Time: 27:23
File Size: HD 1.56GB/ 4K 2.08GB

Ray Mousi                    5’8”                  188 lbs.
Tito Marones                5’11”                192 lbs

Tito (yellow speedos) and Ray (red speedos) are both dancers in a New York City Club.  They are both great athletes, body builders and weight lifters.   They both consider themselves to be in great shape.   “Tito is just getting bigger and stronger” Ray told us when we asked him to wrestle Tito.   Tito loved the opportunity to wrestle Ray.    These guys are not friends at all - total competitors and both looking for a tough match and a win !

Tito takes Ray to the mat right away with a head lock and immediately cranks up the pressure.  Tito tries putting 190 pounds of muscle into the head lock and on top of Ray’s chest.  Ray struggles but doesn’t have too much trouble escaping.

"Yes, the match is a thrilling choke-holds galore with both wrestlers impressively holding out as their throats are put to the test again and again.



Tito loves working over his opponent from behind.   When he get behind Ray, he brings Ray to the mat, clamps on a cross-face and body scissors and you can easily see Tito stain his huge muscles to get Ray to tap out.  But Ray will have no part of that.   He reverses Tito and has him in a school-boy pin – for a long time.  Tito struggles to escape, but Ray is just too strong.    It takes Tito a long time and a lot of energy to reverse that move. 

This is back and forth for 25 minutes of superior wrestling.   Ray’s body scissors had Tito squirming and in a lot of trouble.   Tito’s cross face puts tremendous pressure on Ray.   Super bodies going at each other full force.   Nothing fake here – all very real and these guys are wrestling to win.     Both wrestlers are more than ready for a rematch.  Each guy is practicing moves and holds with some of the smaller Movimus wrestlers – a great way to learn!

Wrestlers: Ray Mousi, Tito Marones

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