Dave Markus vs. Tito Marones

Total Running Time: 22:15
File Size: HD 1.22GB / 4K 1.7GB

Dave Markus               5’9”                168 lbs.
Tito Marones               5’11”               184 lbs 

Dave (blue speedos) showed up at the Movimus Studio with a new friend he wanted to wrestle. Tito Marones (red-white-blue striped speedos) is a big guy very well built, very strong, awesome looking, but not a great wrestler. “We are going to train him to kick some butt” Dave told us before the match. “He never wrestled before” Dave said.   But Tito was full of surprises. When he got behind Dave, right off the get-go, brought Dave to mat in a tight head lock, then wrapped his super powerful legs around Dave’s body – Dave was tapping out very quickly.  

The second fall also went to Tito in a quick but powerful, expertly applied, choke hold.  Now Dave was determined to turn the tides.  He was not going to let his friend get off that mat a winner. If anyone can turn the tables, it’s Dave Markus. No one has ever escaped his leg scissors, body or head, and he proved it again against Tito. This turned into a real brawl – you’d never know these guys were friends. They threw each other around the mat, both used awesome head locks on  each other, both got a good school boy pin and tried to convert it to a submission move – it’s just some really great wrestling.  

Dave found out quickly that his ripped, muscular body was definitely no match for the power and strength of Tito. Tito found out how to use his super strong legs to get Dave to tap out. Tito loved using his huge biceps to crush Dave’s head. These are two of the strongest guys we have ever had at Movimus. They what to be tap-team partners. Dave asked to set up a tag match against Aron Stokes and Case “CT” Thornton. Very interesting. I bet you will be seeing that match really soon on Movimus Wrestling.


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