Aron Stokes vs. Jimmy Reilly: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 15:15
File Size: 829.3MB

Jimmy Reilly                    5’10”            219 lbs.              25yo
Aron Stokes                     6’ 1”            178 lbs.               22yo

A WORLD SERIES MATCH !    Jimmy (white/orange speedos) showed up at the Movimus Studio at 219 of solid muscle.  Aron (green speedos) took one look at him and said  “let’s do this”.   Aron has been working out hard, hitting the gym and wrestling as much as possible.  He is definitely working on his submission skills.  Jimmy is more of a pro wrestler – very well built and strong.   Aron takes Jimmy to the mat on his back, but that is a real good position for a guy as strong as Jimmy.  A front head lock on Aron has him struggling to escape Jimmy’s huge biceps.  When he does escape he realizes that he must wrestle a much faster style than Jimmy in order to keep Jimmy from clamping up on him.  Aron does exactly that and Jimmy works hard to get a good grip on Aron and keep him under locked control.

"Jimmy does have his chances to chalk up a submission but Aron is just too much for him."


Jimmy keeps a real tight grip across Aron’s ribs and he sure can squeeze.  Aron has great difficulty dealing with the pressure of Jimmy’s arms on his ribs.  Aron keeps trying to use his legs but Jimmy counters.  Aron goes for a well positioned arm bar, but Jimmy powers out.  Aron keeps moving faster and faster working for more and different moves and holds.   Finally a “wicked” head scissors catches Jimmy by surprise and, although he struggles – and struggles hard, Jimmy is forced to tap-out.  

Aron keeps up the pressure for the remainder of the match.  Jimmy wrestles valiantly but Aron is just in too good shape, too strong and skilled.   Jimmy can’t believe how much Aron has improved in just a few short months.  Jimmy finds himself being handed a 4-0 defeat in this World Series Match.  It looks like Aron is the new “man to beat” at Movimus !


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