Case "CT" Thornton vs. Jolt Jenkins: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 37:50
File Size: 1.76GB

Case “CT” Thornton 6’ 152 25yo
Jolt Jenkins 6’ 177 27yo

Jolt (white speedos) was ready! CT (orange speedos) was confident! This was their third encounter, and they were both ready for a World Series Match. Both aggressive wrestlers, both having beaten each other before, both had worked out hard for this re-match. The muscular, cut and ripped Jolt was convinced that, this time, CT would go down. CT just laughed.

Well, they settled it! Bottom line: CT took control and kept it throughout the entire World Series Match. Looking skinny, not ripped or muscular, not looking real powerful, CT sure showed what he’s got. This is just totally great. CT takes down the powerful, muscular Jolt and keeps him on the defensive for almost forty minutes of intense wrestling. CT uses every move and hold he knows and Jolt works harder and harder to escape and reverse.

Tremendous moves from CT and tough positions on Jolt. Right to the end, this is a brawl. Both these wrestlers hate to lose. Both are tough and fight right to the end – but this is a one-sided, aggressive defeat. CT shows just what he’s got against a very strong, muscular, personal trainer and wrestler.

CT is already getting challenges from the other tough Movimus wrestlers. They are all lining up for a shot at CT. He is impressive and the other wrestlers want to beat him. For some reason, they want to beat him badly. Tommy “Ruk” Rukker is giving him the toughest verbal challenge. It’s all going to happen. CT says “bring them on – I’ll wrestle anyone”.

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