Aron Stokes vs. Dave Markus: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 25:47
File Size: HD 1.38GB/ 4K 1.98GB

Aron Stokes 6’ 177 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 169 lbs.

Dave (green speedos) is more than ready for this World Series Match after the beating he took in his rematch against Aron (pink speedos).   Aron just keeps getting stronger and a better wrestler and Dave is most definitely out to bring Aron back to reality.   Dave knows he is strong and if he gets the right hold on Aron, just about any hold using his legs, Aron will tap out.   So Dave starts the match with speed and determination.  He uses his muscular arms to clamp a body lock on Aron and bring him to the mat.   Dave immediately works his legs around Aron’s head as Aron tries to escape the massive body lock Dave has him in.   Once Dave squeezes his awesome legs around Aron’s head, it’s all over.  Aron is forced to tap out.

Second fall is also short.   Aron gets Dave on his back and tries to work out the muscle boy.   Dave just works – from his back – and again gets his legs around Aron’s head.   Dave has those incredible thighs – actually much stronger than they look if that is possible – he again puts the squeeze on Aron and, again, Aron taps.

From this point on, the battle becomes a war.   Aron turns up the pressure and speed.   The falls are much longer and very much tougher.   Aron keeps Dave on the mat, working him over and putting lots of squeeze on Dave.  Dave is struggling with all his tense, ripped muscle to keep Aron from getting a finishing hold.  Aron is continually working for a head scissors on Dave.  Aron knows that, once clamped on tight, Dave will not escape from his head scissors.   Dave is just so strong and wiry.   He powers out of many moves and holds and you can see just how really strong this boy is.   But Aron is intense and determined.  Check out the expression on Aron’s face as Dave uses all his muscle to get Aron to tap out.  Aron just refuses to tap-out again.   There is nothing better than these two young guys totally going at each other.

There is a definite and decisive winner and really pissed off loser.   It looks like this may the first time in Movimus history that there is a rematch of a World Series Match.


Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Dave Markus

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