Max Anderson vs. Connor Flynn: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 47:12
File Size: HD 1.81GB/ 4K 10.56GB

Max Anderson 5’11”’ 182
Connor Flynn 6’1” 187

Connor (yellow speedos) challenged Max (multi-colored speedos) to another match. This is their fourth encounter and we decide to let them have a “WORLD SERIES MATCH” – 4-out-of-7. Both wrestlers jumped at the opportunity. They are pretty even after their first 3 matches and they figured this would settle who is the better wrestler.

Connor starts strong and maintains control for a long time, but never really has Max in trouble. Max reverses and tries for control, but Connor uses his muscle, especially his really strong legs, to reverse Max again. This goes back and forth for a long time – lots of intense mat action

Suddenly Connor gets behind Max and throws in a real tight full nelson and body scissors (the exact same hold Max that lost to in their very first match). This time Max got his calf across Connor’s ankle and stretched for his fierce ankle lock – Connor tapped.

As always, when Connor taps, he comes back stronger, faster and harder. Max was ready. Again it’s back and forth but much shorter to the second fall.

These two wrestlers go full out for 47 minutes. This is real wrestling and a real test of strength and stamina. MOVIMUS' first WORLD SERIES MATCH is one for the record books. There’s going to be lots more like this one !

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