Nero Angelo vs. Tito Marones

Total Running Time: 22:08
File Size: HD 1.22GB/4K 1.69GB

Nero Angelo                            5’7”     168 lbs.          
Tito Marones                          5’11”   188 lbs

When Nero Angelo (blue speedos) challenged Tito Marones (red speedos) he gave up 20 pounds.   Considering how very strong and muscular Tito is, that is a lot for Nero to make up.   But Nero is a “real” submission wrestler and has a great deal of confidence.  Tito has great power and can easily toss Nero around the mat.  But Tito is not a skilled wrestler.   Although he usually gets control, it’s hard for him to maintain control.  Although Tito can escape most holds, he is at a loss what to do when he escapes and he definitely gets frustrated that he doesn’t know just how to finish an opponent.

These are the things that Nero takes advantage of in this match.  Nero uses Tito frustration as a weapon.   Many times Tito just stands up during the match – just breaking down his stamina.  Nero too is very strong and manages to get some very good holds on Tito.   This frustrates Tito even more.   Each time Tito gets to his feet instead of wrestling on the mat, he gets more and more winded.  Nero is just biding his time and waiting for Tito to make that fatal mistake.   Lots of leg moves on the mat.   As Tito squeezes, Nero squirms and escapes.   Nero is very strong and when these two wrestlers enter a “test of strength” it ends in a draw.   Tito super muscle and power is really challenged and strained as Nero does his very best to defeat the big guy.    Both wrestlers are pushed to their limit and they struggle for dominance and control.



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