Dave Markus vs. Tito Marones: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 17:37
File Size: HD 978.3MB/ 4K 1.33GB

Dave Markus                           5’9”     174 lbs.          
Tito Marones                          5’11”   188 lbs

THE REMATCH!     Tito (yellow speedos) has been working out hard and learning a lot of wrestling’s moves and holds.  With his awesome, powerful body, just about any move he applies is very effective.   Dave (blue speedos) has improved tremendously over the last year since he started wrestling for Movimus.   So these two titans of the mat go at each other again.   Sometimes, best friends wrestling is not a really competitive match.   This is absolutely the exception to that !

Tito gets control first, but after a lengthy struggle where Dave does his best to get the bigger guy on his back on the mat.  Tito works to control Dave’s upper body – no easy task – but Dave will have none of that.  Dave struggles on his back.  Tito will not let him escape but Tito is hard-pressed to get any effective hold on Dave.   Finally Dave escapes and they are back on their feet.    Tito takes Dave down again, gets behind him on the mat and catches Dave is a head scissors and chin lock.   Tito’s super powerful thighs are locked around Dave’s head and Tito is squeezing as hard as he can.   He can see Dave’s muscular thighs putting supper pressure on Dave.   Dave can’t take too much of that and he taps out.

The rest of this match is back and forth.  It’s great to see the speed on both these big, muscular guys.   When Dave wraps his incredible legs around Tito, Tito yells as Dave squeezes.  They both get a tap-out or two but there is clearly a winner – yet the match is a very close one.   They both wanted to continue this match – they both wanted to walk off the mat a winner.   You can bet you will see these two muscular wrestlers going at each other again – maybe in a World Series Match.



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