Derek Ortiz vs. Leo Sun

Total Running Time: 20:51
File Size: HD 1.11GB/ 4K 5.01GB

Derek Ortiz              5’11”             141 lbs.
Leo Sun                   5’6”               131 lbs.

Derek (pink speedos) was totally psyched for this match against Leo (blue speedos).   Derek, although having a slight build, is a really good wrestler loves a good challenge match.  Well she sure challenged a very tough opponent.  Leo is very well built and much stronger than he actually looks.   His wrestling skills are well above average.   Leo loves a real tough match, he simply loves to wrestle.  Watch how he smiles throughout the match – especially when he is in control.

This match is a great exchange of multiple moves.   Derek uses his long legs to control Leo, but Leo’s has that awesome strength and is able to escape from just about anything Derek throws at him.   Derek catches Leo in a number of various scissors, some are very effective as you can see if you watch Leo, but none are powerful enough to get Leo to tap out.   Leo uses his super upper body power to man-handle Derek.  Just check out Leo’s defined, muscular body.  

Leo wraps his legs around Derek’s head and neck and keeps rolling him around the mat not allowing him the opportunity to escape.   Derek takes a lot of punishment until he finally submits.   This is just some really excellent wrestling.   Leo is looking to take on the best we  can find near his size.   He is Awesome !  

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Wrestlers: Derek Ortiz, Leo Sun

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