Dave Markus vs. Ray Mousi

Total Running Time: 25:20
File Size: 1.42GB

Ray Mousi 5’8” 184 lbs
Dave Markus 5’9” 172 lbs.

Dave (multi-colored speedos) brought Ray (orange speedos) to the Movimus mat room and immediately challenged him to a match.   Even though Ray has very little wrestling experience, he willingly accepted Dave’s challenge.  Ray was sure he was strong enough to crush Dave with his awesome muscles and power.   Dave figured he could tire Dave out then get Dave with his powerful legs and “drop him for the count”.   Both wrestlers were wrong.

"The 21-minute match starts with an opening round that may make you fibrillate."


Dave sure has a challenge from the powerful Ray and Ray definitely felt the tiring effects of wrestling the dynamo, Dave.  But both guys wrestled long and hard.  As Dave tried some of his best moves, Ray powered out and clamped a tight body lock on Dave.   But Dave is no slouch.  He’s way strong and can hold his own against any other wrestler.   Ray found himself wrestling out of many of Dave’s power moves and holds.   Ray was able to clamp on Dave numerous times and hold him in a tight lock on the mat.  When Dave eventually escaped, he did his best to maintain control over Ray, but doing that turned out to be a very difficult task.

It seemed that Ray just got stronger as the match progressed.   His huge biceps just seemed to get more powerful.   Dave is very similar.   No one has legs like Dave Markus – and he sure knows how to use them to get an opponent to tap out.  But Ray just proved to be too strong.   Dave had to rely on his upper body power to get Ray to the mat and tie him up.   Ray kept working to get his legs around Dave, but Dave was not about to let that happen.  There is nothing better than these two very muscular and strong guys go at each other full force in a submission wrestling match.   This is Great ! ! !


Dave Markus is wearing the String Bikini from Prevail Sport. 

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Ray Mousi

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