Dave Markus vs Ray Mousi: The 2nd Rematch

Total Running Time: 31:58
File Size: HD 1.78GB/ 4K 8.68GB

Ray Mousi                               5’8”     184 lbs           
Dave Markus                           5’9”     178 lbs.          

THE RE-REMATCH!   Dave (blue speedos) is totally psyched to prove his wrestling superiority against Ray (pink speedos).   But Ray is a very solid, strong, powerhouse of a guy.   He may not have the best wrestling skills, but Ray makes up for his lack of experience with his super strong body.  Dave is fast, ripped and also very, very strong.   This is such a great and even match-up that we are very happy  that these two wrestlers really want to continue to take each other to the mat.

"By now, each man knows the other man's bag of tricks as well as his own, but this knowledge seems to make the struggle an even more grueling ordeal than the previous contests."

Ringside at Skull Island

Sporting a mustache, Dave tries to take Ray to the mat but finds himself on his back.  He does try to neutralize Ray by getting him in a body scissors/guard position.  When Dave finally gets the upper hand, Ray rolls to escape and finds himself in a wicked full nelson and body scissors.  Dave has the hold tight and just right, but it makes no difference.  Ray shows just how strong he really is by simply powering out of the hold.  Ray works for the reversal and again gets Dave on his back.  Dave successfully works for a head scissors, but once again, Ray uses his super power to escape.

This is a real tough struggle from beginning to end.   Dave tries just about every move and hold he knows, just to get more and more frustrated when Ray escapes.   Ray ties up Dave a few times and has him really struggling to get out of a couple real tight moves.   Dave takes some punishment but he sure can handle that.  This is simply a great match from beginning to end.

Both wrestlers are now asking for a World Series Match.   I suspect that they will get their wish.   That is  going to be awesome!

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Ray Mousi

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