Dave Markus vs. Dario Espinosa

Total Running Time: 27:54
File Size: HD 1.55GB/ 4K 7.62GB

Dario Espinosa                           5’8”     185 lbs.          
Dave Markus                           5’9”     178 lbs.          

Dario (multi-colored speedos) challenges Dave (orange speedos).  With little wrestling experience, a super well-built body, and lots of power, Dario believes that he can handle and defeat Dave.   But Dave is not about to let that happen.  Dave knows very well that if he traps Dario in his legs, Dario will tap.  Dave also know that if he can out last Dario in stamina, he will win the match.  Dario knows that too and he is not about to lose his stamina.

"Either you like submission wrestling or you don't. If you like it, this contest is a must-see."

Ringside at Skull Island

Just check out the power of Dario as the match begins.  He literally throws Dave to the mat – more than once – and easily gets on top of Dave.    Dave uses a headlock to try and turn Dario onto his back, but Dario is just too strong.  Dave locks the headlock on as tight as he can, but Dario just uses his huge arms to push out of the hold.   Dario rolls Dave around until he gets a head scissors.  Dave uses all his strength to keep Dario from getting his legs locks around his head.   Check out the awesome ripped muscle on Dave as Dario works him over.   Dave may be only 21 years old, but he’s got ripped, defined muscles that he is not afraid to use in a wrestling match.  

"...great action and chemistry between two gorgeous contrasting musclemen... It's an intense battle of wills with Dario representing primal power and Markus showcasing his resilience and skill."

The Cave

Dario continues to use his power to toss Dave around the mat.  Dave is not used to that at all.  Dario goes for an arm-bar.  Dave resists and struggles to escape – every muscle in his body is flexed and stretched.  Dario throws one shot to Dave’s solarplexes  and clamps on the arm-bar.   It’s all over – Dave taps out.  From that point on, it’s a total brawl.   Basic moves and holds are thrown “out the window”.  These guys just toss each other around, totally pound on each others muscular body and work to win – no matter what!   Just totally awesome to watch.    Dave is at his best – Dario is determined to win.    Super great combination !

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