Julio Vargas vs. Aric Park

Total Running Time: 28:03
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Eric Park                    5’8”                   165 lbs.
Julio Vargas               5’9”                    171 lbs. 

Newcomer Aric (blue speedos) challenged Julio (stripped speedos) as soon as he watched Julio in a match.    Aric is no stranger to submission wrestling and he figured he would be able to out-wrestle Julio.   But Julio not only lost a few pounds, he’s been working out real hard putting on some extra muscle and power.   They go at each other fast and hard.   Julio told us after the match that he couldn’t believe how strong Aric is.  “Way stronger than he looks” is what he told us.   “I knew I would have to use all my power to keep him under control and on the mat” Julio said.   So you can easily see how Julio struggles to get on top of Aric and escape Aric’s very tight head lock.   Each time Aric tries to get on top, Julio uses all his muscle and power to overturn Aric and keep his back on the mat.

"The two are totally immersed in the struggle, dispensing with smack talk and putting their brawn and brain power 100 percent into constant give and take. As the bodies perspire, it becomes more of a challenge to grip each other's limbs, but the frustration does nothing to slow the action down."

Ringside on Skull Island

Julio really shows what he has got in this match.   He wraps his ripped – muscular legs around Aric numerous times and you can see the pain on Aric’s face.   Julio’s legs are totally defined as he squeezes Aric.  But each and every time, Aric manages to escape.   It’s when Aric if face down on the mat, Julio on top clamping on a full-body scissors and cross-face lock, that Aric is forced to submit.

Julio keeps up the pressure in the second match.   Two very, very strong, muscular wrestlers pulling out all the stops, going for the win.   Control changes back and forth.   Finally, Julio clamps on a full-nelson and body scissors and forces Aric’s face into the mat.   Aric takes the pain and pressure for a long time but there is simply no way out.   He taps again.

So the third fall begins.  Aric is absolutely focused on making this a 3 – 2 fall match --- in his favor.  He’s not about to let Julio go home a winner.   The wrestling gets rougher.   Caution is thrown to the win.  These guys will try anything to win this match.   Very hot, sweaty bodies don’t help the wrestling at all.   The long held holds have zapped the energy out of both wrestlers but they continue going at each other with a vengeance.  Can Aric win three in a row?  He sure thinks he can.


Wrestlers: Aric Park, Julio Vargas

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