Leon Cyrus vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 19:00
File Size: HD 1.06GB/ 4K 5.18GB


Dave Markus 5’9” 174 lbs.
Leon Cyrus 5’11” 202 lbs 

Leon (black speedos) was in New York City for Wrestlefest, visiting from Switzerland, when he challenged Dave (orange speedos).   Dave had no problem accepting the challenge from a guy who is 25 pounds heavier, but Dave had no idea how much wrestling experience Leon had.   Leon can ready to win.  He wanted to beat and humiliate the muscle-bound, body-builder, club dancer, Dave.    Leon gets the first takedown but doesn’t keep Dave on the mat for too long before Dave reverses and had the upper hand.  Leon keeps Dave in at bay by staying the guard position and Dave has a hard time overpowering and handling the 200 pound Leon.  When Leon reverses the hold, he ties Dave up really well in a wicked full nelson and body scissors.   Dave uses his awesome power to escape, but Leon just continues the onslaught from behind Dave.

"...contest remains grueling and suspenseful to the end."

Ringside at Skull Island

Dave eventually catches Leon in a head scissors and pulls on the back of his head.  Dave was sure Leon would tap-out, but that didn’t happen.   Dave got more and more frustrated as Leon used his size and skill.   Dave was totally wearing himself out trying to control and stay on top of Leon.   Dave wrestled really well, but not good enough to get Leon to tap out.   Watching Dave’s tight, muscular body struggle and stain, as Leon works him over is awesome.   It got to a point where Dave was just getting smothered under the weight and pressure from Leon, and Dave just continued to get more and more frustrated.

We never saw Dave Markus like this before.  He had a real hard time with Leon, very unusual for Dave.   He’s a controller, very forceful and dominate.  He doesn’t like being on the receiving end at all.   Check out this match!  You won’t be disappointed.

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Leon Cyrus

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