Case "CT" Thornton vs. Julio Vargas

Total Running Time: 27:50
File Size: HD 1.49GB/ 4K 2.11GB

Julio Vargas                          5’9”                 175lbs.                       27yo
Case “CT” Thornton              5’11”               162lbs.                       29yo

Julio (orange trunks) watched his buddy, Dave Markus, soundly defeat CT (green trunks) – thus Julio challenged CT.   But CT was not about to lose badly to Julio. He came at the tough, very strong bodybuilder with a renewed vigor and determination. CT is practically unstoppable in this match.   He totally relies on his skill, whereas Julio relies on his power and strength. CT seems to maintain control throughout this match, but Julio is certainly successful at powering out of CT’s moves and holds.   Check out the strained and pushed muscular definition on Julio as he battles CT.

"...a 27-minute match that will leave you speechless."


CT gets the first fall with his vicious choke and body scissors.   Julio takes it for a while, but eventually has to tap out under CT’s pressure. CT then works his legs for a triangle. Time after time, as CT gets his legs around Julio’s neck, Julio shows his real power and escapes. Julio keeps working for a leg twist and ankle lock, but CT is too quick and too strong to get caught in that.   CT’s suburb use of his legs is what keeps Julio struggling on the mat. Each time CT gets his legs around Julio, he (Julio) uses a great deal of energy to escape.   CT is in such great shape, he doesn’t even breathe through his mouth.   Outstanding Cardio shape that is very, very difficult to compete with.

Eventually CT locks Julio and again Julio taps.   In the last fall, continuous for almost 15 minutes, CT eventually catches Julio in a triangle that Julio just can’t escape from. Julio tries with all his power and muscle but CT has him good and tight.   Julio tapes.   A respectful handshake and a commitment from both wrestlers for a rematch.   THE BEST !  

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