Aron Stokes vs. Julio Vargas

Total Running Time: 20:31
File Size: 1.11GB

Aron Stokes 6’1” 174 lbs. 22yo
Julio Vargas 5’9” 177 lbs. 27yo

Julio (red speedos) challenged Aron (orange/yellow speedos).   “I watched him wrestle Dave Markus” he told us.  “I can beat him!”  Julio is a very, very strong club dancer in New York City.  He works out daily.  He’s got maturity, skill, and a heap of power.   Aron has speed and intensity.  That’s just about the best combination you can put on a mat against each other.  Julio gets control early in the match and you can see how much Aron is struggling to get out of Julio’s powerful arms.  When Julio tries to use his legs and scissors Aron, Aron does everything he possibly can to avoid that hold.   It’s a real brawl and a struggle for control and supremacy.   Back and forth, give and take, until Aron catches Julio off-guard and really pours on the pressure.   Julio taps out!

"Aron does not disappoint here... Julio makes a good impression in a very fine debut."

Ringside at Skull Island

But Julio comes back for the second fall with a renewed determination and a focus that is not challenged by anything except Aron’s moves and holds.   Aron works for control.  Julio shows his defined muscularity and power as he defends and reverses and keeps the pressure on Aron.  These guys keep going at it using many different wrestling moves and holds, clamps and vices!   Incredible match!   Power and muscle pushed to the max!   You can easily see how really strong these two wrestlers are.


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