Aron Stokes vs. Dave Markus: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 23:51
File Size: 1.29GB

Aron Stokes 6’ 174 lbs. 
Dave Markus 5’9” 172 lbs. 

Aron (brown trunks) wanted revenge!  Dave (orange trunks) told us “I can’t lose to Aron”.  They step on the mat knowing that each has the power and skill to win the match.  Aron knows he has to keep away from Dave’s incredible legs – once clamped around his body or head, there is no way out.  So Dave takes control and Aron quickly reverses.  They wrestle real tough trying every move that opens up.  Dave keeps Aron in a front head lock for a long time, but he knows there is no way Aron is going to submit in a front head lock.  Dave is looking for the opening with his legs.  Dave finally gets the scissors and Aron pops his head out with a bloody nose.   Aron takes when Dave puts some real scissors pressure on.

"It is the real life version of the “Hunkbash”scenario that we love to fantasize with. Even hotter if you ask me, thanks to the unscripted nature and the competitive spirit that reigns all over Movimus’ mats."


Now Aron is pissed.   He is determined to win this match.   But Dave is not about to let that happen.   The all out brawl continues and intensifies.   Aron gets more vicious, stronger and much more aggressive.   Dave counters and escapes, but he is not able to use his lethal legs.  Aron concentrates power and muscle – keeping Dave on the defensive.  You just don’t see two young guys wrestle with this level of intensity.  It’s just simply an awesome match

Aron and Dave are friends but you’d never know if from this match.  They are both out to destroy each other.  Aron puts some real pressure into each hold he gets Dave in – and Dave does the same.  The last 10 minutes is total destruction and domination by one wrestler.  The loser can’t believe have the tide has turned.  He takes a real pounding knowing that he is getting destroyed.   Guess Who!   Aron or Dave?  Who will come back to their next match with a vengeance that cannot be measured? ! 

Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Dave Markus

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