Troy Donaldson vs. David Dakota

Total Running Time: 23:54
File Size: SD 290.5MB/ HD 1.33GB

            Troy Donaldson                        5’11”     175       37yo
             David Dakota                           5’8”       181       31yo

            Troy (white speedos) takes on the tough, skilled David (black speedos). Both wrestlers are experienced submission wrestlers. Both belong to various wrestling clubs in their home cities. They wrestle often and accept all challenges. Movimus was lucky to find both these guys in New York City at the same time. This is their first match, but, in all probability, it won’t be their last.

            David uses his great upper body strength to bring Troy to the mat and begin the assault. But Troy is great in the “guard” position and David soon finds himself in Troy’s body scissors. Able to just power out, David goes back to work on the upper body and Troy once again has to revert to the “guard “ position, but this time, working the body scissors with a grea reverse headlock. Troy gets the first win !

            These two guys keep going. It’s a very even exchange of wrestling moves, power locks, clamps, and all out brawling. The rest of this match gets rougher and tougher as these tow wrestlers will do anything not to lose. The surprising outcome is super ! Really great wrestling in this match.

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