Tyler Manning vs. Rusty Rabell

Total Running Time: 21:58
File Size: 4K 4.91GB

Tyler Manning             5’11”         172 lbs          20yo
Rusty Rabell               5’11”         151 lbs          26yo

Don't miss the electrifying clash between Tyler in white/blue speedos and Rusty Rabell in green speedos as they square off in New York City! In this showdown, it's skill versus power as Tyler, a strong football player with limited wrestling experience, takes on Rusty, a seasoned wrestler with years of expertise.

Despite Rusty's initial control, Tyler's relentless determination and refusal to accept defeat make him a force to be reckoned with on the mat. As the match progresses, Tyler becomes increasingly aggressive and resilient, matching Rusty move for move.

While Rusty may have the upper hand in terms of experience, Tyler's raw strength and unwavering resolve keep the competition fierce and unpredictable. The outcome remains uncertain as both wrestlers gear up for a highly anticipated rematch the following day.

Stay tuned for the thrilling rematch between these formidable opponents - you won't want to miss it! Get ready for another round of heart-pounding action and suspense in the world of wrestling.

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