Barrett Storm vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 24:56
File Size: HD 1.43GB/ 4K 5.52GB 

Barrett Storm              6'3"        197 lbs        23yo
Jax Holland                 6'           198 lbs        20yo

Jax (navy blue speedos ) brought his college football teammate, Barrett ( blue & white speedos) to do some wrestling. Barrett is a big, well built, strong recent college graduate with lots of attitude and determination. He loves staying on top, so, incredibly, he keeps the super power boy, Jax , on his back for most of this match. But Jax is really tough. No one his size is stronger. He has muscles on top of his muscles. Jax easily tosses Barrett but the tall guy won't let Jax get the upper hand for too long.

When Jax puts those powerful python biceps around Barrett's head, Barrett is using everything he has to break the hold. Barrett tries using his advantage of leverage at 6'3" but Jax can just push his around. These guys do a lot of upper body wrestling, each trying to overpower the other. Both are tough and won't give up. At one point Jax says "all you have to do is tap out". Barrett laughs and taunts Jax some more.

These two wrestlers went twenty-five minutes without a submission. Both are tough enough to make the other submit, and both are tough enough to power out of most moves and holds. They finished this match, took a ten minute break, then went at it again. The second match definitely has a winner - soon to be released !

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