Brock Hammer vs. Reggie Banks

Total Running Time: 27:27
File Size: SD 336.5MB/ HD 1.6GB

Brock Hammer 6’2” 190 19yo
Reggie Banks 5’9” 213 18yo

Brock (red/white/blue speedos) watched Reggie wrestle Dillon Walsh and told us “I want to take on that black guy”. Reggie put on more muscle and has been working on submission moves and holds. He hates losing and he’s determined to beat all the guys that have beat him at Movimus. He figured that Brock would be a good practice match. Well, he’s got another Movimus wrestler that he’s got to rematch to beat ! LOL.

Reggie is real tuff and real strong. He just needs to work on his finishing moves. There’s lots of back and forth talking in this match, much more than we usually have at Movimus. Brock loves to taunt his opponents and Reggie just loves to talk. The wrestling is outstanding, but very one sided. Brock is an awesome opponent. He just manages to beat each and every opponent we put him up against. This time he uses his really powerful legs for control. At 6’2” and 190 pounds he’s a force to deal with. His legs are incredibly strong. Reggie is able to power out of many of Brock’s holds, but he gets caught again and again. Brock is fast and powerful. He says he wants Max Anderson in a big way.

Lots of leg holds, front face locks, arm control and neck locks. It’s some really great wrestling. 

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