Case "CT" Thornton vs. Duke Russo: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 29:14
File Size: HD 1.62GB

We apologise that this match is unavailable for download in 4K resolution due to a hard drive failure. We are working on data recovery and hope to offer the 4K version for download in the near future. 


Duke Russo                             5’9”                 179lbs            
Case “CT” Thornton                 5’11”               171lbs.           

The Rematch!   CT (stripped speedos) has been asking for a rematch against Duke (black/white speedos) since he lost decisively to Duke in their first match.   Duke is just a powerful guy, loves to wrestle and totally enjoys dominating and humiliating his opponents.   Duke quickly takes CT to the mat at the start of their rematch and has no trouble keeping CT’s shoulder on the mat , CT struggling to get the upper position.  Duke works for a head scissors but CT desperately maneuvers to keep Duke from clamping on the hold.  Of course, CT is a master technician when he is on the mat and he sure shows his true ability as he wrestles really hard against the much stronger Duke Russo.   Duke is just a “monster”.  He is so strong that he just tosses CT off almost every time CT gets the upper position.   CT is using all his power and skill to get just one finishing hold on Duke.

"This is much more competitive and spirited than the first match... The guys are great, the intensity is high and the moves are terrific."

Alex Miller's Cave

When CT gets on top, he works his waist and hips right onto the face and head of Duke.   CT does his best to smother Duke and cut short his air supply.    CT it also a master at the “guard” position and a side guard control position.   He gets these favorite moves a few times on Duke, but Duke is just too powerful.  He just throws CT off like he is a “ragdoll”.   Check out the very defined muscularity on Duke as this match continues.   He shoulders and arms just continue to get more and more pumped.   When he scissors CT, you can see how very, very strong his thighs are.   Duke Russo is a force to be reckoned with.   There are very few wrestlers that can match is power and strength.

CT sure does his best, but once again Duke takes the master-wrestler to the mat and gives him a pretty good beating. The first fall took almost 25 minutes and both wrestlers wanted a second match.   It is shorted, but much more intense.  CT is definitely at his best, but it’s just not good enough to defeat Duke Russo.

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