Brandon Aldrich vs. Marlon Clemons

Total Running Time: 22:10
File Size: SD 266.1MB/ HD 1.15GB

Brandon Aldrich 6' 191 23yo
Marlon Clemons 6'1" 177 18yo

Brandon (white speedos) very willingly accepted the challenge from Marlon (blue speedos). Brandon wanted the younger HS wrestling co-captain in a submission (Sambo) match. Marlon was ready. He wanted to show the "older kid" how to wrestle. They met in the Rec Room on a hot summer night and went at it.

The verbal abuse was flying in this match. It's a good thing these two guys have a respect for each other, or the fists might have been flying too. Marlon is at first intimidated by the size and especially by the powerful grip of Brandon. Marlon has a lot of trouble getting out of the many head locks and holds that Brandon loves to use. Brandon is initially impressed by the power that Marlon has in him upper body (although we warned him before the match). When Brandon goes to his back and wrestles, Marlon really doesn't know how to handle him since that is never done in HS Collegiate wrestling. This is a great match-up.

But it's Marlon's strong and deceivingly powerful legs that eventually get Brandon. Brandon can't believe how strong Marlon's legs are (he leg presses 435). Brandon gets crushed and eventually submits. Now Marlon knows what hold to get Brandon into for the submission. Things get very interesting in the subsequent matches as Marlon keeps going for multiple leg holds and locks and Brandon uses all his skill, power and size to avoid those legs.

Great wrestling, super submission match.

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