Case "CT" Thornton vs. Duke Russo

Total Running Time: 21:31
File Size: HD 1.2GB/ 4K 5.85GB

Duke Russo                             5’9”                 177lbs            
Case “CT” Thornton                 5’11”               167lbs.           

Unquestionably, CT (brown speedos) is one of the most skilled submission wrestlers at Movimus.   He has not lost many matches at all, and most of the time, he made a mistake that cost him the match.   That is definitely not the case here.  Duke (green speedos) is stronger and tougher than just about any wrestler we have ever had at Movimus.   He just can’t be handled or controlled and he definitely can’t be dominated.  He also has the skill to get his opponent tied up, wrapped up, and down on the mat.   CT pulled out all the stops.  He wrestled better than we have ever seen him wrestle before – still – he proved no real challenge to Duke.

Duke uses his power in this match and proves that CT cannot handle that much strength.  CT uses his best moves and Duke simply escapes and reverses –over and over again.   CT uses his wicked arm bar, one that most wrestlers cannot escape from.   Duke just straightens his arm and escape – unbelievable!  The great part of this match is seeing these two well-built, skilled and trained, wrestlers go at each other full force.    CT does not want to lose at all.   Duke is not about to let him win even one fall.   What an awesome struggle.   Submission wrestling just doesn’t get any better than this.

When you get two guys of this caliber in a very real, very competitive, submission match, it’s as good as it gets.   CT gets pushed around the mat and often over powered, but he sure does give Duke a great match.   Duke is strong and confident, but CT works hard and fast to keep Duke working to escape some really awesome moves and holds.   CT is at his best! ! !   Duke is at his strongest ! !    Super combination!

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