Roy Dunlop vs. Kurtis Rivers

Total Running Time: 23:04
File Size: HD 1.76GB / 4K 2.63GB 

Roy Dunlop                           5’10”                 153 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                         5’7”                   137 lbs.

Kurtis (green speedos) challenges Roy Dunlop (yellow speedos).   Kurtis is a trained brawler, holding a belt in Ju-jitsu.   He loves wrestling the bigger guys and he especially loves winning.  Roy has been working out hard and learning more and more moves and holds.    Roy is very strong, very, very strong and he loves a good match and challenge  ---  all the elements for a great submission match – and that is exactly what we have here.

Roy uses his power to bring Kurtis to the mat and the brawling begins.  Kurtis does not like to wrestle from his back, but Roy has absolutely no intention of letting Kurtis get the upper hand.   Kurtis tries a few times for an ankle submission lock, but Roy matches to escape each time.   Roy uses a really tight head lock over and over to keep Kurtis on his back on the mat, but Kurtis is not about to let Roy beat him in a head lock.   So the brawling continues, back and forth, give and take.

"With each new release, Movimus is educating me on the science of submission wrestling... This match is a textbook in motion."

Ringside at Skull Island

Even after he wins the first fall, Roy continues to punish Kurtis with that tight head lock and it seems to be taking a toll on Kurtis.   It looks like Kurtis is have more trouble escaping from Roy’s head lock each time Roy uses it.  So  Kurtis changes strategy – he goes totally on the offensive and he has Roy “sucking wind” as he continues the assault.  What a great match!   These two guys are real wrestlers and they are both out to win.   This is awesome.

There is definitely a winner here, but certainly not decisive.  You can bet that both these wrestlers are going to be challenging each other again.


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