Evan Turner vs. Roy Dunlop

Total Running Time: 19:08
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Roy Dunlop                           5’10”                 151 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                            5’7”                 134 lbs.

Evan (yellow speedos) has been challenging the best and winning most of his matches.    For a smaller wrestler, he is a real tough guy.   Roy (blue speedos) challenges Evan for his first Movimus match.   Roy is taller and heavier – and has some great wrestling skill – but that just makes it more of a challenge for Evan --- and Evan loves a challenge.   Roy goes to work on Evan right out of the box and uses his muscle to get Evan to the mat on his back.   That doesn’t last long as Evan turns over the tall, lanky Roy and tries to get some good head moves on him.   But Roy is the one who clamps on a tight headlock and has Evan struggling to escape and not tap-out!

"Evan's chin locks and arm bars are as dynamic as ever."

Ringside at Skull Island

In spite of a cramp before the first fall, Roy is totally prepared to take the smaller Evan down to defeat.   Evan often finds himself being wrapped by the long and strong legs and arms of Roy.  Evan actually has great difficulty escaping this tall, lanky, strong wrestler’s control.  But Roy just can’t seem to get Evan in that “finishing” move.   Evan struggles and does his best to dominate.   Evan has awesome stamina and he’s hoping to get the bigger Roy tired out.    They struggle, back-and-forth, for 25 minutes, both guys working for the win – no matter what it takes.

When Evan finally gets Roy in a front head scissors and chin lock, it’s all over.   Roy struggles for a long time to escape, but Evan just keeps pouring on the pressure until Roy just can’t take it any more.   Lots of strained, tight muscle.   Total action !   Roy comes back after his defeat more determined than ever to win this match.  A friendly wrestling match turns into a real “mat battle”.   This is great.   Don’t miss this totally awesome match !

Wrestlers: Evan Turner, Roy Dunlop

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