Marvin Smith vs. Roy Dunlop

Total Running Time: 24:42
File Size: HD 1.9GB / 4K 9.54GB

Marvin Smith                          5’8”        135 lbs.
Roy Dunlop                            5’10”      149 lbs.

Marvin (blue speedos) challenges Roy (red speedos).   Marvin is and experienced wrestler, great guy, and loves to win a match.   Roy has been working out – hard – since his defeat at the hands of Evan Turner.  So Roy is ready for a comeback win.   Marvin watched the match between Roy and Evan and he is totally convinced that he can beat Roy.  Well here is his chance.    Marvin gets the first takedown and locks in a tight front face lock and choke, but Roy quickly escapes from that and has the upper hand keeping Marvin on the mat.   Roy stays on top using his powerful upper body, but seems to have a difficult time trying to figure out how to get Marvin to tap out.   Then Marvin clamps a real tight body scissors on Roy and goes for a cross-face and choke.  Roy manages to avoid the wicked hold but Roy also knows he’s got a real match on his hands.  

As Marvin continuously attempts to use his legs, Roy does his best to avoid another scissors and uses a pretty good head lock of his own.   Roy has such a powerful upper body that Marvin really has a hard time escaping from that head scissors.  When he does, Marvin immediately goes for the finishing holds on Roy and Roy uses a lot a stamina and strength to avoid getting beat.    Great moves and super good back and forth wrestling.   This is any one’s match.  Both guys are good enough, strong enough, and aggressive enough to get the other guy to tap out at any time – and that is exactly what happens.  

Great match.  Marvin wants a match against Evan Turner.   Roy is definitely working for that rematch.   Both Marvin and Roy agree to a big-time rematch.    These guys are about as equal a match against each other as you can get.



Wrestlers: Marvin Smith, Roy Dunlop

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