Adam Reis vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 25:05
File Size: SD 280MB/ HD 1.2GB

Adam Reis 5'9" 152 18yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 184 21yo

Adam (black speedos ) has been wrestling for 12 years. He's got lots of matches and tournaments under his belt. He took one look at the Movimus website and immediately asked for a match against Max Anderson (red & black speedos ) . Once we saw the awesome chest on this kid and his incredible wrestling ability, we gave him the match against Max.

Adam is giving up over 30 lbs. and he loves it. He had been telling us that he wants only bigger, tougher, more muscular guys to wrestle. He sure has that in Max. For a long while, we thought that Max was just playing around with Adam, but then, suddenly, Adam caught Max in a head scissors, with both hands clamped on his chin cranking on the move, causing Max to use everything he has to keep from submitting. If Max was taking it easy, he isn't after that move.

The powerful legs on both these wrestlers are put to good use. Max tries the spladdle, grapevine leg split, and Adam is groaning in a lot of pain. But he wont' tap. He's one tough kid.

There is only one submission here - one worth waiting to see. The Movimus Wrestlers are already lining up to challenge this tough teen - Adam Reis.

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