Tom York vs. Chris March

Total Running Time: 23:55
File Size: 209.5MB

Tom York 5'10" 145 24yo
Chris March 6'1" 180 22yo

Tom (white striped speedos) met Chris (purple speedos) a week before this match while watching another match. We thought that the weight difference would be too much for Tom, but he kept begging for this match. Chris was also totally up for a match with Tom, so we agreed and boy are we glad we did. Tom is a tight, hard, good-looking blond New Yorker with more than just average strength and wrestling ability. Chris is a kick-boxer with real strong (and big) legs, but not a whole lot of wrestling experience. His size didn't seem to bother Tom at all; if anything, Tom is the aggressor in this match.

Early on in the first match, Tom gets caught in Chris a head scissors. We thought it was all over right then. But Tom proved us wrong. He completely wrestled out of the hold. The only one more surprised than us was Chris. Tom put an incredible headlock on Chris and cranked. Chris pushed, rolled, shoved, tried to get up, and anything else he could think of to break the headlock. It was no use. Eventually, he gave up.

An angry Chris started the second match determined not to lose to the smaller guy. He kept using his strong legs, and Tom kept taking the punishment. we began to wonder what would ever make Tom give, but finally Chris found the right hold. The score was even at 1 - 1.

These guys wrestled two more matches. Tom just kept getting stronger; Chris got more determined not to lose to the younger guy. Tom's muscled body is totally flexed and pumped throughout the match - what a site. Tom proved that he can handle guys much bigger than himself, and he loves it. After the match, Chris insisted that he learn a lot more wrestling moves and holds. He will. His practice session is already planned.

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