Swage vs. Erick Richards

Total Running Time: 24:13
File Size: SD 205.2MB/ HD 1.54GB

Swage 5'9" 157 24yo
Erick Richards 5'7" 134 35yo

Erick (white speedos) requested NHB for a match with Swage (gray speedos). When he found out the match was on - "you.ve really got a challenge for me" was his memorable comment. But Erick was sure up for this match. When Swage heard of this smaller, older guy who wanted to take him on, he was psyched. Swage had seen Erick's match with Jace Davis, one of Swage's best friends, and he wanted a "piece" of Erick.

Erick knew he has his work cut out for him and the first match was monumental. Swage actually got the shock of his life when the "small, older" guy wrapped him up and made him submit. Swage got right up and went at it again, and Erick didnít last long against the totally intense Swage.

The third match is outstanding. There were truly "no holds barred". Swage wound up with blood on his face and Erick's eye was swollen and bloody. No punching, still respectable Movimus wrestling, but all-out wrestling action. The outcome will be left to the viewer. What's even more remarkable is that both these guys wanted to keep going, and they did.

Swage learned a lot about wrestling from the experienced Erick. Now Swage thinks he is ready for the bigger, muscle boys. We'll see.

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