Hugito "Hugh" Orlando vs. J-Rock Manz

Total Running Time: 41:04
File Size: 407.9MB

Hugito "Hugh" Orlando              5'9"           139 lbs           19yo
J-Rock Manz                             5'8"            151 lbs          19yo

BATTLING TEENS! Two tough 19 year old teens go at it in a real, submission wrestling match. Both guys are in great shape. Both High School athletes, but neither is a wrestler. These tough guys have their friends there to watch the match, so neither wants to lose - and it shows all through the match. J-Rock (Blue speedos) looks a lot tougher, but Hugh (white speedos) gives him a real fight. The holds are great from each wrestler, and the other guy just uses raw power to escape. These guys wrestle two really long matches without a break.

At one point, J-Rock gets a nasty head scissors on Hugh, who takes the hold and struggles for almost seven minutes. He ultimately gets his own head scissors (super double head scissors) and really turns on the pressure until J-Rock is forced to let go so that he can try to escape. Excellent moves, great stamina from these teens. Both are really focused. They both want to win their first Movimus match. Neither will tap out. Some really great wrestling here.

Enrique Tallos has already issued a challenge to both these wrestlers. There's a lot more great wrestling coming from Movimus!

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