Justin Roberts vs. Tony Dondato

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Justin Roberts              6'1"          164 lbs         20yo
Tony Dondato               5'11"        182 lbs         21yo

Justin (blue speedos) and Tony (white speedos) have been friends since they were in elementary school. Tony wanted his first match against Justin, but Justin wasn't too ready to take on Tony. Tony benches 315 lbs., is a gym rat, and very strong, but not a wrestler. Justin thought that the match would be very one sided and he would get his butt kicked. Finally, Tony convinced Justin to wrestle. (Actually, they had just come to the Movimus Studio to watch another match.)

This is awesome. Tony is so strong that he tosses Justin around easily. He wraps Justin up but doesn't have the skill to put him in a submission hold and make him give. Justin hangs in there until he can break free and get a submission lock on Tony , and he does it THREE TIMES! It's incredible to watch the smaller, thinner wrestler defeat the bodybuilding hunk. At one point, Tony lays on the mat and says: "I.ve got to learn to wrestle".

Justin uses a head scissors submission and a partial figure-four to get submissions. Justin proved that he is becoming one of the premier wrestlers at Movimus. Having recently signed a modeling contract, he's a little harder to nail down for a match, but he sure will keep wrestling for Movimus. Look for him in many Movimus matches and look for Tony too. We are going to train him.

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