Gage Michaels vs. Adam Samuels

Total Running Time: 20:09
File Size: SD 242.4MB/ HD 1.07GB

Gage Michaels 5'11" 183 19yo
Adam Samuels 5'9" 181 21yo

A RING MATCH ! Once again, we have a trained Ju-Jitsu fighter, Adam (blue & white speedos), going against a very strong, experienced collegiate wrestler, Gage (blue shorts). Adam is an extremely confident fighter. He knows his moves and holds and trains others in Ju-Jitsu. He loves a good fight, but he is very used to winning all the time. Gage is also used to winning. His HS record is 69 - 4. He relies on his tremendous power.

As this match began, Adam immediately realized that he was up against a real strong wrestler. He tried every trick he knew in the first five minutes of the match. Gage defended and countered with precision. Adam was obviously having trouble with the muscular Gage. He resorted to choking him out as often as he could. When we asked Adam to use other moves and holds besides choking, Adam said that if he did, Gage would destroy him. Good Answer!

The match goes for about 25 minutes with many submissions and all from Gage. Finally, in the last fall, Gage gets the best of Adam and works him over good. It's as if he wants to make up for all the chokes. Great to watch.

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