Matt Bauer vs. Robin Yarel

Total Running Time: 22:32
File Size: 327.6

Matt Bauer 5'9" 151 30yo
Robin Yarel 5'5" 129 23yo

Robin (blue speedos) is a college athlete, exchange student in NYC from the Netherlands. He returns to the Netherlands during the summer of '99, unfortunately. Matt (blue & white stripped speedos) thinks he is going to have an easy time with the smaller Robin. But Matt is in for a surprise. Robin is much stronger even than he looks, and he is very defined and cut - besides that he has above average wrestling experience, although submission or sambo is new to him. Robin asked to wrestle someone at least 150 lbs. Sounds "cocky"? - you've got it. He might be a little guy, but there is nothing little about his attitude and confidence.

This is a great match to watch. These two guys look real good as they toss each other around the mat. Matt is a well conditioned, gym addict himself, with great stamina - and it shows. He doesn't even breathe hard after 15 minutes of wrestling and the more he wrestles, the more cut he looks. Just watch his long, tight thighs as he puts the squeeze on Robin. He keeps forcing his pumped bicep into the face and nose of Robin.

Eventually, Matt uses his size and strength to put the cocky, smaller exchange student to the mat. The struggle continues. The wrestling is great. Keep watching Movimus for more of Matt Bauer. He is really into wrestling and the workout. Movimus is already getting other wrestlers recommended by Matt. "How sweet it is".

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