Max Anderson vs. Brock Hammer: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 20:24
File Size: SD 247.8/ HD 1.19GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 186 25yo
Brock Hammer 6’2” 193 19yo

THE REMATCH! The very next day – and this match is comparable to none other in Movimus history. Max (white/blue speedos) was totally determined to get even and win more matches than Brock (green speedos) beat him the day before. Max comes out strong and in less than on minute catches Brock in a full head scissors and chin lock. Brock taps with a cut on his tongue and a huge blood blister. Brock is really pissed off and comes back stronger and harder, but Max is not intimidated in the slightest. Max takes him down with a tight head lock and won’t let go. Brock struggles, really struggles, rolls, pushes, cranks on Max’s head and neck, but no way is Max letting him out. Finally, flat on his back, Brock taps.

Brock begins the next match by slapping his chest numerous times in frustration. Brock really hates to lose – obviously – but it looks like he has more than he can handle this time round, and Max tells him just that “ I got your number today!”. Max keeps the pressure on all throughout the match. Brock keeps getting stronger, tougher, and more angry. He does manage to get one submission, but Max gets four. You can bet your bottom dollar that this one is not settled. They are both already talking about the next match.


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